The development of an inclusive school culture means taking into account the needs of all members of the learning community.

This module is the crossroads where the best practices from the other modules come together. To create an inclusive spirit, a leader will draw on student and faculty voices, key constituents and data to make sure underrepresented students are empowered with a sense of self and self-sufficiency to rise to their fullest potential within the school.

Equity Through Intervention
See how interdisciplinary discussions and activities can create a supportive learning structure in which equal advantages and a sense of fairness for all take their place at the forefront of reform. View Transcript
Teaching Acceptance
Students are key to fostering an inclusive school culture. See the activities and institutions—both small and sweeping—that can make the difference. View Transcript
A Parent’s View
Success is derived from support. See how to get parents and community members to take charge – helping to lead learning initiatives and acting as liaisons. View Transcript

Collaborative Activities

Activity 1

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Activity 2

Can EACH Student Contribute to Your School Culture?

Activity 3


Activity 4


Activity 5

Diversity Responsiveness

Activity 6

Teaching from the Heart

Activity 7

Leading Diverse Schools

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