The collaborative endeavors of principals and counselors are essential to school reform efforts that increase achievement for every student.

Although teachers, administrators, coaches, sponsors and social workers may provide a focused look at various aspects of a student, the counselor is the person who brings together all information to provide a more complete perspective. The desired outcome of an effective principal-counselor relationship is to raise achievement levels for all students and ensure equity in education outcomes.

The Counselor in the Principal’s Leadership Circle
As counselors assume leadership roles in the school, they become the principals’ greatest allies and advocates for the school and its students within the community. View Transcript
The Counselor as a Leader of Students
Advisory is a space that incorporates a student’s inspiration at school with his or her life at home and in the community — helping drive success in various areas of a student’s life. See how English language learners receive guidance and tutelage within the context of a counseling program. View Transcript
Celebration: A Strategy for Success
As students’ biggest advocates, counselors should play a vested role in celebrating students’ greatest successes. Watch how celebration becomes a strategy for inspiration. View Transcript

Collaborative Activities

Activity 1

Connecting Principals and Counselors with Students

Activity 2

The Counselor Leader

Activity 3

Principal-Counselor Collaboration

Activity 4

Role of the Counselor

Activity 5

Strengthening the Relationship

Activity 6

Developing a Shared Perspective

Activity 7

Practical Examples

More Resources

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