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  • Breaking Ranks® Comprehensive Assessment of School Environment™ (CASE) Survey
    Survey—gives your stakeholders a valuable voice in school improvement conversations by providing data on: stakeholder satisfaction with the status quo; perceived strengths and weaknesses of the school; and areas for future improvement.View the assessment: Breaking Ranks

Recommended Readings

  • NASSP. (2011). Breaking ranks: The comprehensive framework for school improvement for K-12 school leaders. Reston, VA: Author.
    This book brings together all the pieces that must be addressed in order to make substantive, sustainable school change that results in improved student performance. This publication reflects NASSP’s ongoing experience and expertise in developing school leaders and incorporates tools and lessons from the entire Breaking Ranks series into one comprehensive volume that elementary, middle level, and high school leaders can use to take their schools to the next level of excellence. 2011. 192pp.Visit the NASSP website store to purchase Breaking Ranks
  • Taulbert, Clifton. (2006). Eight habits of the heart™ for educators: Building strong communities through timeless values. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.
    Through inspirational stories and time-honored principles, the author explains the Eight Habits of the Heart—nurturing attitude, dependability, responsibility, friendship, brotherhood, high expectations, courage, and hope—and how educators can find a renewed sense of purpose and mission by implementing these habits into their own lives and the life of their school. Corwin Press. 2006. 152 pp.Purchase the book: Eight habits of the heart™ for educators