Programs that individual students and student groups wish to participate in often involve a variety of costs, ranging from travel and registration to the purchase of specialized contest-related materials. To help students and schools acquire the monies necessary to cover these costs, some program sponsors offer fundraising kits and suggestions.

While the majority of the ideas and materials provided by program sponsors are safe and ethical, there is a chance that some fundraising recommendations may conflict with local law or school district policy. Parents and school personnel should review fundraising policy with students prior to the beginning of their efforts.

Any fundraising that will entail the sale of products should be carefully monitored and supervised by a parent or school personnel. It is also recommended that before selecting a vendor for the product that the fundraising organizer review the fundraising information published by the Association of Fund Raisers & Direct Sellers (AFRDS). Tips on fundraising and related checklists can be found on AFRDS website at

The National Committee on Student Contests, Programs, and Activities identifies AFRDS as a valuable resource for its members. Doing so does not imply endorsement of AFRDS by the Committee or NASSP.