As a school leader, your support is essential to your APs and their careers. AP Week is the perfect time—particularly in this unique moment—to show your gratitude for their essential role on your team and acknowledge all that they do to help you, your school, and your students shine. Use these ideas as a starting point:

  • Ask your mayor to declare a National Assistant Principals Week or day in your community.
  • Submit an article or guest column in your local newspaper about the critical role of assistant principals.
  • Present at a local school board meeting, or even ask your superintendent to plan a joint meeting between the local school board and city council to discuss the needs of school leaders.
  • Contact the public service directors of local radio stations and ask them to air a public service announcement about National Assistant Principals Week.
  • Invite a local college or university to join your school in celebrating National Assistant Principals Week.
  • Share photos and videos celebrating National Assistant Principals Week on social media.
  • Send a National Assistant Principals Week schedule of events to the mayor, city council, newspapers, and others in your area who may be interested in what’s going on in your school.

We also encourage you to share National Assistant Principals Week with your network. Write an announcement in your newsletter, or use one of these sample announcements below:

Celebrate Assistant Principals Week
The week of April 1 is National Assistant Principals Week. NASSP has designated this week to honor assistant principals and acknowledge their key role in the achievements of schools and students nationwide. As in years past, NASSP is offering activities and services to recognize these school leaders, including e-cards and more. Visit for additional activity ideas and more information.

Happy National Assistant Principals Week!
National Assistant Principals Week is in full swing and NASSP’s AP Week offerings are ready to help you celebrate! Schools—including administrators, teachers, and students—around the country are finding great ways to honor their assistant principals and recognize the outstanding work that they do every day. Join them by scheduling special e-card deliveries, showing support on Twitter/X using #APWeek24, posting photos on Instagram, and more. Visit to find out more about this week’s celebration.