The Student Leadership Advisory (SLA) Committee, chosen by NASSP through an application process, comprises incredibly bright, engaged, and forward-thinking students, advisers, and principals who represent diverse perspectives from across the country. Together, they continually create new ways to promote service and leadership within their peer groups and within schools across the nation.
From left: Elliott Clark, Carmelli Leal, Gillian Grimm, Mitchell Howard, Dean Brendle, Sam Dickerson, Ramya Subramaniam, Abdul-Aziz Khanfar

Meet the Committee

NASSP’s SLA Committee supports the association’s efforts to build student engagement, service, leadership, and voice. The 2020–21 roster includes:

  • Penelope Allen, adviser, Lafayette Middle School, Oxford, MS
  • Dean Brendle, student, Central Cabarrus High School, Concord, NC
  • Pamela Charleston-Lyons, adviser, Avondale Senior High School, Auburn Hills, MI
  • Kate Riddle, student, Lafayette Middle School, Oxford, MS
  • Phillip D’Amico, principal, Watson B. Duncan Middle School, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Sam Dickerson, student, Hardin-Jefferson High School, Sour Lake, TX
  • Evelyn Edney, principal, Early College High School, Dover, DE
  • Gillian Grimm, student, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, Las Vegas
  • Mitchell Howard, student, South Fayette High School, Oakdale, PA
  • Abdul-Aziz Khanfar, student, Watson B. Duncan Middle School, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Carmelli Leal, student, Eastern Technical High School, Essex, MD
  • Mark Skowron, adviser, Lancaster Central High School, Lancaster, NY
  • Ramya Subramaniam, student, Pleasant Valley High School, Riverdale, IA
  • Jonathan Tallamy, principal, High Point Regional High School, Sussex, NJ
From left: Penelope Allen, Jonathan Tallamy, Pamela Charleston-Lyons, Evelyn Edney, Carmelli Leal, Sam Dickerson, Ramya Subramaniam, Dean Brendle, Gillian Grimm, Phillip D’Amico, Elliott Clark, Mitchell Howard, Abdul-Aziz Khanfar, Mark Skowron