Beverly J. Hutton, deputy executive director of NASSP’s programs and services, has played a pivotal role in many of the association’s most important programs and activities. In this month’s questionnaire, we asked her about the best part of working for NASSP, the biggest challenges facing principals today, her favorite book, and her personal motto.

What is the best part of working for NASSP?

I truly appreciate the unique opportunity to represent the national voice of school leaders. And I very much enjoy working with very smart, extremely competent people.

What are major ways in which NASSP helps principals succeed?

NASSP helps principals succeed by providing valuable resources to keep school leaders informed about the national education landscape. We also provide important tools that promote professional growth and leadership development for principals.

What are the most important ways a principal can make a difference in the educational process?

Principals can make a difference by leading with courage, conviction, and social consciousness (equity).

What’s the biggest challenge facing principals today?

Among the biggest challenges are compliance with state and federal unfunded mandates and omnipresent time management issues. Principals also have to strike the balance between organizational management and instructional leadership.

What is your favorite book and why?

The Bible. I live by its truth and trust in its promises. Beyond that, I love to read both fiction and nonfiction books about the African-American culture and experience in America.

Who is your favorite movie star and why?

Angela Bassett, because she typically plays such strong, independent roles for women.

What are your hobbies?

I really enjoy listening to music—mostly smooth jazz—and spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren.

What’s your motto?

“Give it everything you have, and trust God for the rest.”