NHS Scholarships Total $2M—Deadline Is Dec. 1

Remind your student leaders to submit their applications by 1 p.m. (ET) on December 1 for NHS scholarships. Supported by NASSP, the parent organization of NHS, the scholarship program has awarded more than $19 million in scholarships to outstanding NHS senior members since the program started in 1946. One national winner will be awarded $25,000, plus $5,625 for 24 national finalists, and $3,200 for 575 national semifinalists. For the 600 scholarships, a total of $2 million will be awarded. If selected, students will be notified of their awards in April 2022. Learn more at nhs.us/students/the-nhs-scholarship.

NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award to Recognize 500 Students With $500

Encourage your middle level students to apply for the annual NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award, which opens for applications in January 2022. Supported by NASSP, the parent organization of NHS, the award recognizes 500 exceptional NJHS students with $500 to be deposited in a college savings account program managed by Ascensus as part of the Education Trust Board of New Mexico’s 529 college savings plan: The Education Plan. Eligible NJHS members should create their student account at njhs.us/studentaccount. Applicants must have a verified NJHS account to apply for the award. Learn more at njhs.us/students/the-njhs-outstanding-achievement-award.

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