Digital Principal award winners are honored for integrating digital media in their efforts to improve instruction, student achievement, and their own leadership.

Robert Eichorn
Independence Nontraditional School
Manassas, VA

Principal Robert Eichorn believes that eliminating technology barriers to create educational equity for the most at-risk students and those who serve them begins with a vision of learner- and staff-centered access, modeling applications as a team, and continually evaluating and celebrating successes. As a new principal in 2009, he set out to help socioeconomically disadvantaged students. Independence Nontraditional School expanded all virtual and blended learning options for students enrolled directly at the school while simultaneously offering several hundred seats to students enrolled at all other high schools.

JoAnne Glenn
Pasco eSchool
Spring Hill, FL

Principal JoAnne Glenn has made it her mission to select, develop, and refine a suite of technology tools to improve communication with students, parents, and teacher teams. Her staff collaborates to devise innovative strategies to build digital content, learning experiences, and tailored instructional resources that provide students access to supplemental coursework and lessons—regardless of when they need support. These shared tools, practices, and experiences have now gelled into a cohesive instructional model that defines the school’s way of working.

Kathryn Procope
Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science
Washington, D.C.

Principal Kathryn Procope believes in transforming the way children learn. At the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science, students use technology to experience knowledge and expand on what they already know in a safe and secure classroom. The blended learning experience using the Summit Learning platform provides students with opportunities to supplement teacher instruction with online enrichment. Today, all students have regular check-ins where they set short- and long-term goals and work with their mentors to make a plan on how to achieve them.