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Chief Executive Officer

Ronn Nozoe
Chief Executive Officer

Ronn Nozoe is a lifelong educator and the Chief Executive Officer of NASSP, an organization dedicated to transforming education through school leadership.

Nozoe previously served as associate executive director and interim executive director at ASCD where he led the development of their Whole Child Network and Activate, an online professional development library of resources. Prior to this, Nozoe was deputy assistant secretary for policy and programs at the U.S. Department of Education, where he worked on initiatives to build state and local capacity in the areas of teacher quality, school safety, rural education, and migrant and Indian education.

In his home state of Hawaii, Nozoe served as deputy state superintendent from 2010–15, during which time he amplified principals’ voices in statewide decisions with the creation of the Deputy’s Principal Roundtable; and leveraged federal Race to the Top funds and School Improvement Grants to increase statewide achievement, graduation rates, and college enrollment. Prior to that, he served as district superintendent of the Farrington/Kaiser/Kalani complexes, and as a principal, vice principal, and teacher in various schools across the state.

Nozoe holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in education and teaching, both from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Leadership Team

Aman Dhanda, Chief Engagement Officer
Kris Havens, Chief Strategy Officer
Hisham Khalid, Chief People Officer
Noah Raskin, Chief Financial Officer
Dennis Sadler, Chief Operations Officer


Amanda Karhuse, Director, Advocacy
Gregory Waples, Senior Program Manager, State Engagement and Outreach

Building Operations

David Sheaffer, Building Administrator


Monique dela Cruz, Strategist, Marketing and Sales
Jennifer Dubin, Editor
Regina Grossman, Director, Communications


Ann Postlewaite, Director, Community

Customer Care

Ashleigh Dixon, Customer Care Representative
Carolyn Glascock, Customer Care Representative
Angel Gonzalez, Customer Care Representative
Sara Grannis, Customer Care Representative
Davon Hall, Customer Care Representative
Kulwant Kaur, Customer Care Representative
Mark Lamont, Director, Customer Care
Margaret Mansfield, Manager, Customer Care
Krys Pacula, Program Assistant II
Saray Partidas Rivas, Customer Care Representative
Susie Pooley, Customer Care Representative
Lisa Sherrill, Customer Care Representative
Geneva Youngberg, Customer Care Representative


Tyler Dashner, Director, Digital Strategy
Sarah Martin, Specialist, Digital Systems


Alexa Magda, Manager, Conferences And Speakers

Executive Office

Felicia Fett, Board Liaison
Meghan Park, Director, Executive Office


Cynthia Bradford Scott, Assistant Controller
Barbara Butler, Accounts Payable Representative
Minna Cavanaugh, Manager, Accounts Receivable
Kathy Jones, Accounts Receivable Representative
Stacy Maruskin, Director, Vendor Management & Special Projects
Tania Nunez, Accounts Payable Representative
Julie Sweeney, Accountant

Human Resources

Barbara Beasley, Director, Human Resources

Information Services

Kathleen Bretschneider, Business Analyst
Marouf Diallo, Web Applications Developer
Nidhi Singh, Data & Business Analyst
Meta Tshilombo, Director, Information Services


Sherrie Kohler, Program Specialist
Joann Racey, Program Assistant

School Leadership

Virginia Hodson, Program Manager, Professional Learning
Karen Miller-Ricks, Senior Program Manager, Professional Learning

Student Leadership

Elancia Felder, Senior Program Manager, Student Programs
Anne Knudsen, Manager, Student Programs
Todd Laudino, Senior Program Manager, Strategy and Edtech Solutions
Nara Lee, Director, Student Leadership
Enrique Ramirez, Program Manager, Student Experience
Jeff Sherrill, Lead, Community Engagement