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How do my educational leaders (participants) receive their seats to take the diagnostic?

As Business Unit Administrator (BU Admin), you decide when your participants’ seats will be assigned. Once they have registered and/or logged in and notified you via email, you can assign the participant a seat to take the diagnostic (see “Manage Participant” tab for assigning seats).

How is my educational leaders’ (participants’) demographic information used?

It is used for research purposes only; no individual’s demographic information is shared.

A name is spelled incorrectly. How do I correct this?

Misspellings can be corrected by the system administrator. Email the correction to [email protected].

Can educational leaders (participants) retake the diagnostic?

Yes. The diagnostic is a meaningful and manageable method of providing participants feedback about their strengths and opportunities for growth. As BU Admin, you can reassign a seat so that a participant can retake the diagnostic as seats are available. Additional seats may be purchased by contacting NASSP.

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How can educational leaders’ (participants) best prepare for the diagnostic?

Participants can view the interactive tutorial to become familiar with the diagnostic’s navigation and types of tasks.

Who do I contact if I have technical difficulty?

For technical support, send an email to [email protected].

What happens if I lose internet connection while taking the diagnostic?

If you lose internet connection, simply log back in and resume at the point you were interrupted; the diagnostic automatically saves the participant’s work every ten seconds.

What happens if my educational leader (participant) forgets to log out or gets interrupted when part way through the diagnostic?

The diagnostic will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity, after which the participant will need to log back in to complete the diagnostic from the last save point. Note: Responses completed after timing out will not save.

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What should I do if I cannot access my educational leaders’ PDF reports?

Turn off your pop-up blocker in your web browser to enable PDF files to open.

When will scores be available?

Score reports will be available within 15 business days after submission. NASSP will notify you when they are available.

How do I get the results?

Under your “Manage Participant” screen, click the “Score Report” green action button to view a specific participant’s report or “All Individual Reports” to download all reports to view. Results are also presented in a dashboard view under the “Data” tab (see Analytics Instructions for more detail).

Who receives a copy of the PDF score report?

You and your educational leader will have access to the PDF score report. Only BU Admins have access to the dashboard data analytics.

How is the diagnostic scored?

Each dimension is measured at least three times in different tasks. Responses are scored on a five-point scale that shows the progression of principal practice from Underdeveloped to Advanced. Each response is scored twice by two NASSP-trained scorers using a rubric to focus on one dimension at a time. To assure the reliability of scores, NASSP trains and certifies those who score the diagnostic and monitors the scoring process.

The five stages of principal practice are:

  • Advanced: The educational leader demonstrates accomplished practice. Responses are at the systemic level and show evidence that the leader can apply the dimension multiple ways to achieve desired results.
  • Proficient: The educational leader demonstrates full competency. Responses are at the strategic level and show evidence that the leader can apply the dimension to consistently achieve results.
  • Novice: The educational leader approaches competency. Responses are at the understanding level and show evidence that the leader can apply the dimension in routine situations.
  • Preparation: The educational leader requires additional development. Responses are at the knowledge and awareness level and show evidence that the leader understands how to apply the dimension in certain situations.
  • Underdeveloped: The educational leader requires knowledge and awareness. Responses show little or no knowledge or awareness and little to no understanding of how to apply the dimension within a situation.