Activity Guide

When NASSP (principals) and ASCA (counselors) surveyed their memberships to identify important characteristics of the principal-counselor relationship, “It was very interesting that both school counselors and principals came up with trust as the most important thing in any relationship and respect as [second].” (Module 9—Developing a Shared Perspective.) Follow the journey through the following resources to establish a foundation at your school for connecting the principal with counselors to support students and improve their learning.



Reading Process

Distribute the link or copies of the reading to the administrative, steering, or leadership team members participating in this discussion. (Ensure your school counselors are included in these leadership groups and are participating.) Use the Discussion Prompts in column two in the table below to lead a conversation with the participants to identify strategies utilized in the reading. Continue the conversation by completing column three, considering how these strategies and actions might be successfully adapted for use at your school.

Webinar Process

Set up a viewing station with a computer and internet connection. Use a screen if the group is large.

Take time to view the webinar as a group. Discuss the process to evaluate the principal-counselor relationship and ways to evaluate the value of effective communication. Look for evidence that a strong relationship supports student achievement. Begin the conversation with the questions posed on the concluding slides and give specific examples of opportunities this collaboration can provide for your students.

Extend and Apply

What specific actions can you take to increase communication and build trust and respect with colleagues? Give practical examples of additional strategies and actions that might be implemented by the principal, counselors, administrative team, and teachers to build mutual trust and respect with students. Identify the support and communication strategies that will make students academically and socially successful at your school. Review your goals and vision with the administration to ensure alignment.