Contact Information

Ronn Nozoe
Chief Executive Officer

  • Serves as chief executive officer
  • Provides vision and implementation of strategic intent for the association in collaboration with staff and the NASSP Board of Directors
  • Ensures the fiscal viability of the association and relevancy among its stakeholders
  • Leads all staff in execution of association goals and objectives
  • Collaborates with state associations

Beverly J. Hutton, EdD
Chief Programs Officer

  • Serves as chief programming officer
  • Provides leadership and vision for association programs and services
  • Builds and maintains strong relationships with external stakeholder groups and partners
  • Manages and oversees the areas of advocacy, event services, professional learning, strategic partnerships, and student programs

Dennis Sadler
Chief Operations Officer

Serves as chief operations officerProvides leadership for measurable, cost-effective results that deliver on the organization’s vision and strategic intentDesigns and implements business strategies, plans, and proceduresManages and oversees the areas of personnel, finance, membership, customer care, and information services

Michael Shifflett, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

  • Responsible for association fiscal planning and management
  • Mitigates risk by analyzing the organization’s liabilities and investments
  • Monitors financial performance by measuring and analyzing results
  • Reports financial status by developing forecasts, reporting results, analyzing variances, and developing improvements

Director Contact Information

Joan Auchter
Director, Professional Learning

  • Develops and coordinates the execution of a professional learning strategy across the organization
  • Utilizes instructional design principles and adult learning theory to develop effective learning programs
  • Provides guidance for content and delivery of webinars and e-learning initiatives, facilitator-led learning, regional workshops, and annual convention
  • Responsible for overall direction, development, programming, delivery, and logistics of annual convention

Barbara Beasley
Director, Human Resources

  • Manages talent acquisition and employee termination processes
  • Facilitates onboarding and performance management of new hires
  • Oversees management and delivery of staff services and benefits
  • Provides on-site personnel support as needed

Kathleen P. Greenaway
Director, Membership

  • Responsible for membership acquisition and retention, as well as membership content and communication
  • Oversees management and delivery of member services and benefits
  • Serves as primary membership contact for recognized state affiliate associations
  • Works closely with the director and staff of the Customer Care Center

Amanda Karhuse
Director, Advocacy

  • Directs government relations activities to promote association priorities before Congress, the administration, and federal agencies
  • Develops public policies, policy briefs, white papers, and position statements
  • Analyzes and synthesizes legislative and regulatory policy to determine implications on education administration, teaching, and learning
  • Orchestrates annual legislative conferences and Hill Days and coordinates association activities to engage state associations in federal and state advocacy efforts

Mark K. Lamont
Director, Customer Care Center

  • Manages daily operations of the Customer Care Center to fulfill stakeholder requests in a timely and efficient manner that meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Manages product inventories to satisfy market demand throughout the year across all stakeholder segments
  • Works directly with marketing and communication resources to promote NASSP products and services
  • Oversees expansion and revenue growth from all principal and student program product lines

Nara Lee
Director, National Honor Societies

  • Provides strategic direction for all National Honor Societies’ programs including National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, and National Elementary Honor Society
  • Promotes the activity and impact of National Honor Societies’ affiliates to increase engagement and reach among school and community stakeholders
  • Leads value creation efforts for all National Honor Societies’ programs to address stakeholder problems, needs, and outcomes
  • Works closely with the directors of student programs, membership, and customer care

Ann D. Postlewaite
Director, Student Programs

  • Provides strategic direction for National Student Council
  • Promotes the activity and impact of National Student Council members to increase engagement and reach among school and community stakeholders
  • Leads value creation efforts for National Student Council to address stakeholder problems, needs, and outcomes
  • Works closely with the directors of the National Honor Societies, membership, and customer care

Meta Tshilombo, MBA, CIO, PMP
Director, Information Services

  • Provides strategic direction for all association technology functions including voice, data, and wireless telecommunications; line of business applications; and computing services
  • Ensures technology resources effectively support the company’s growth and objectives
  • Advises line of business leaders on the effective use of technology resources to enhance offerings to association stakeholders
  • Monitors and maintains a stable technical infrastructure to support the daily operations of the organization