Contact Information

Ronn Nozoe
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

  • Serves as chief executive officer
  • Provides vision and implementation of strategic intent for the association in collaboration with staff and the NASSP Board of Directors
  • Ensures the fiscal viability of the association and relevancy among its stakeholders
  • Leads all staff in execution of association goals and objectives
  • Collaborates with state associations

Beverly J. Hutton, EdD
Chief Programs Officer
[email protected]

  • Serves as chief programming officer
  • Provides leadership and vision for association programs and services
  • Builds and maintains strong relationships with external stakeholder groups and partners
  • Manages and oversees the areas of advocacy, event services, professional learning, strategic partnerships, and student programs

Dennis Sadler
Chief Operations Officer
[email protected]

  • Serves as chief operations officer
  • Provides leadership for measurable, cost-effective results that deliver on the organization’s vision and strategic intent
  • Designs and implements business strategies, plans, and procedures
  • Manages and oversees the areas of personnel, membership, customer care, and information services

Hisham Khalid
General Counsel
[email protected]

  • Serves as general counsel for NASSP
  • Manages all legal representation and services for the association

Director Contact Information

Joan Auchter
Director, Professional Learning
[email protected]

  • Develops and coordinates the execution of a professional learning strategy across the organization
  • Utilizes instructional design principles and adult learning theory to develop effective learning programs
  • Provides guidance for content and delivery of webinars and e-learning initiatives, facilitator-led learning, regional workshops, and annual convention
  • Responsible for overall direction, development, programming, delivery, and logistics of annual convention

Barbara Beasley
Director, Human Resources
[email protected]

  • Manages talent acquisition and employee termination processes
  • Facilitates onboarding and performance management of new hires
  • Oversees management and delivery of staff services and benefits
  • Provides on-site personnel support as needed

Aman Dhanda
Director, Member Engagement and Partnerships
[email protected]

  • Cultivates a sense of belonging for current and future NASSP members.
  • Works to ensure engagement, communications, and programs/services are centered around educator needs.
  • Engages with external organizations to form mutually beneficial partnerships that support NASSP members.

Amanda Karhuse
Director, Advocacy
[email protected]

  • Directs government relations activities to promote association priorities before Congress, the administration, and federal agencies
  • Develops public policies, policy briefs, white papers, and position statements
  • Analyzes and synthesizes legislative and regulatory policy to determine implications on education administration, teaching, and learning
  • Orchestrates annual legislative conferences and Hill Days and coordinates association activities to engage state associations in federal and state advocacy efforts

Mark K. Lamont
Director, Customer Care Center
[email protected]

  • Manages daily operations of the Customer Care Center to fulfill stakeholder requests in a timely and efficient manner that meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Manages product inventories to satisfy market demand throughout the year across all stakeholder segments
  • Works directly with marketing and communication resources to promote NASSP products and services
  • Oversees expansion and revenue growth from all principal and student program product lines

Nara Lee
Director, Student Leadership (NHS, NJHS, NEHS, and NatStuCo)
[email protected]

  • Provides strategic direction for all National Honor Societies’ programs including National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, and National Elementary Honor Society
  • Promotes the activity and impact of National Honor Societies’ affiliates to increase engagement and reach among school and community stakeholders
  • Leads value creation efforts for all National Honor Societies’ programs to address stakeholder problems, needs, and outcomes
  • Works closely with the directors of student programs, membership, and customer care

Ann D. Postlewaite
Director, Student Programs
[email protected]

  • Provides strategic direction for National Student Council
  • Promotes the activity and impact of National Student Council members to increase engagement and reach among school and community stakeholders
  • Leads value creation efforts for National Student Council to address stakeholder problems, needs, and outcomes
  • Works closely with the directors of the National Honor Societies, membership, and customer care

Meta Tshilombo, MBA, CIO, PMP
Director, Information Services
[email protected]

  • Provides strategic direction for all association technology functions including voice, data, and wireless telecommunications; line of business applications; and computing services
  • Ensures technology resources effectively support the company’s growth and objectives
  • Advises line of business leaders on the effective use of technology resources to enhance offerings to association stakeholders
  • Monitors and maintains a stable technical infrastructure to support the daily operations of the organization