The search for the National Assistant Principal of the Year begins every fall as each state principal’s association selects its State Assistant Principals of the Year. From this pool of state award winners, a panel of judges selects three finalists.

2023 National Assistant Principal of the Year finalists

Kyle Campbell
Snow Canyon High School
Saint George, UT

Grades: 10-12
Students: 1,300
Region: Suburban

Kyle Campbell is an Assistant Principal at Snow Canyon High School in Saint George, Utah, with an impressive career history as an ESL and Spanish teacher, Title I Coordinator, and Athletic Director. Raised in Los Angeles, he developed a passion for sports and education from his parents. Kyle and his wife Kate, proud parents of four children, enjoy sports and spending quality time together. With a long-term goal to work in education, Kyle has dedicated his career to championing for all students. His favorite aspect of being an Assistant Principal is building relationships with students, encouraging them to believe in themselves and guiding them through difficult situations to help them achieve their potential.

Bebi Davis

Kawananakoa Middle School
Honolulu, HI

Grades: 6-8
Students: 590
Region: Urban

Dr. Bebi Davis is an accomplished education professional from Guyana, South America, who has been making a significant impact since joining the Department of Education in 2002. With over 12 years of classroom experience as a physics and chemistry teacher, she has received numerous awards including the prestigious Milken Educator Award and the Hawaii State Teacher of the Year Award. She later transitioned to a STEM Secondary School Resource Teacher role and currently serves as a Vice Principal at Kawananakoa Middle School. Additionally, Dr. Davis has extensive college teaching experience and is passionate about mentoring students and teachers in science projects, and judging at Science & Engineering Fairs. Honored with several awards, including the 2023 Hawaii-NASSP Assistant Principal of the Year and the 2023 Hawaii-NAESP Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year, Dr. Davis holds a PhD from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and an EdD from Walden University.

Misa Sato
Reagan High School
Milwaukee, WI

Grades: 9–12
Students: 1,300
Region: Urban

As Assistant Principal of Reagan High School, Misa Sato is committed to creating a school culture grounded in respect and high expectations. Through her leadership, she prioritizes the well-being of students and staff, with students feeling valued and empowered in their contributions. Under her direction, Reagan has achieved significant gains in student achievement, receiving the Wisconsin RtI Center Gold Award in Reading, Behavior, and Math in both 2021 and 2022, with students surpassing state benchmarks on critical metrics. Additionally, the school’s International Baccalaureate Career Program has grown exponentially, with pathways in Health Science, Technology, and Education, serving 155 students, up from just seven before Misa’s tenure. As an IB Organization educator, Misa provides professional development to schools and supports program implementation. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Policy and Leadership from Marquette University and an MBA in Educational Leadership from Milwaukee School of Engineering.