Mohammad Shedeed

Elevating the Importance of Teen Mental Health

Today is World Teen Mental Wellness Day. In honor of it, I want to share how school budget cuts inadvertently led me to take a closer look at the importance of mental health. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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David Arowolo

What Black History Month Means to Me

I believe that Black History Month is not just a time to remember the history of African Americans but a time to understand the importance of three things: advocacy, activism, and societal progress. Over the years, advocacy in particular has changed our world for the better. As students, my peers and I are aware of […]

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Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Increase School Leader Diversity

“Everywhere I looked, leadership didn’t look like me. But our students did,” says Danielle Edwards, a school leader and Spelman College alumna who sought school leadership opportunities in her school community. In the absence of guidelines and a career pathway, she relied on her network of Spelman sisters and like-minded colleagues to help her navigate […]

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Aaron Huff

Weaving Black History Throughout Our School

Some schools celebrate Black History Month with a big event that focuses on prominent leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. The problem is that students already know about those leaders, partly because they are so well known and partly because students learn about them in their American history courses.

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Meet NASSP President Aaron Huff

New NASSP President Aaron Huff is in his fifth year as principal of Benjamin Bosse High School in Evansville, IN. The variety of education roles Huff has held—for example, working in elementary, middle, and high schools with a wide range of demographics—has given him a well-rounded perspective on school leadership. We asked him about his […]

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How Serving as a Principal and Colonel Made Me a Better Leader

In honor of Veterans Day, we asked NASSP’s Director of Leading and Learning Robyn Hamasaki to share how serving as a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve and a PK-8 principal simultaneously made her a better leader. Thank you, Robyn, for your service. Happy Veterans Day to all!

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Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Today is Women’s Equality Day, a holiday observed every August 26 to commemorate women’s suffrage in the United States. In honor of this day, which also celebrates the challenges women from all walks of life have faced in their struggles for equality and freedom from discrimination, we are re-upping this post from March. Here’s to […]

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