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Join Us at UNITED

This summer, elementary and secondary school leaders will come together in Nashville for an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate toward a common goal. UNITED: The National Conference on School Leadership, marks a joint effort NASSP and NAESP. Taking place July 15–17, in the heart of Music City, this year’s conference offers a stage for innovation and leadership […]

NASSP and Over 100 Organizations Demand Funding for the Educator Pipeline 

NASSP and over 100 partner organizations sent a letter to members of Congress today demanding they increase Title II funding by 10%. The largest amount of federal funding dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and improving the practice of educators, Title II is one of the only federal programs that also helps ensure school leaders are well-prepared […]

For Principals, Attitude Is Everything

“Do you like your job?” That’s a question I’ve been asked several times by students and even teachers over the course of my nine years as a secondary school principal. It’s a valid question and one that people who are contemplating their position in life probably think about more than say out loud, but it’s […]

Leading From a Place of Yes

I am honored and truly humbled to be named Massachusetts Principal of the Year. As we all know, it is a collective effort to create dynamic learning experiences in schools, and I could not accomplish anything without the incredibly talented educators I work with, who equally deserve this award. As I reflect on this recognition, […]

Pursuing the Path to School Leadership

Jessica Rehberg, an assistant principal of Winder-Barrow High School in Winder, GA, is the first to admit that the principalship isn’t the most romantic calling—at least at first. “Whether you’re a child or college kid dreaming of being a teacher, school leadership isn’t something you necessarily aspire to,” she says. “Rather, the desire to lead […]

A Powerful Collaboration Between School Leaders and Student Leaders

Here in Washington state, we have what I think is a unique—and powerful—relationship between the Association of Washington Student Leaders (where I serve as director) and the Association of Washington School Principals. The best way to put it is that we work in tandem: The principals’ association supports principals on down and we support students […]

Support, Coach, and Sustain to Recruit and Retain

When I became a school administrator over 15 years ago, the applicant pool for filling certified teaching vacancies was deep, if not overflowing. It was not uncommon to receive ten or more quality résumés from which to select worthy candidates. Two and possibly three rounds of interviews might ensue to select the best person for […]