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From the Classroom to Capitol Hill: NASSP’s Trailblazing Leadership Week

At NASSP, we bring together school and student leaders to reimagine and rebuild an education system that meets every student’s needs. This mission is based on the powerful idea that when we have everyone in education—from students to school leaders—sharing their expertise and uniting their voices, the world will listen.

Daniel J. Miani, EdD

Promoting Student Voice Through Thrive Thursday

Every year before school begins at First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach, VA, we review our school improvement plan, including elements like on-time graduation rate, numeracy and literacy scores, and chronic absenteeism. As with many schools, since the pandemic, our chronic absenteeism rate has steadily increased, and we are also combatting a significant increase […]

Election Advice From an NHS Adviser

At New Albany High School in Ohio, where I’ve served as the National Honor Society adviser for almost six years, I don’t worry that we won’t have enough candidates to fill the six officer positions in our chapter. As a high-performing school, we attract a lot of students who become NHS members, and the biggest […]

Cylen Gilmore

Growing as a Leader at LEAD

Joining a leadership program might just be the perfect opportunity for you to explore your potential, develop essential skills, and embark on an exhilarating adventure filled with fun and growth. At last month’s LEAD Conference, I not only got to embark on an amazing experience in Washington, D.C., but I also got the chance to […]

Mia Riley

How I Helped Spread the Word as an NASSP Ambassador

Five months ago, I joined the NHS + NatStuCo Marketing Advisory Council. Why? To be a part of something bigger than myself. The Council is part of NASSP’s Ambassador program, which engages principals, advisers, and students to support NASSP’s mission of lifting school and student leader voices and empowering school leaders and students to lead […]

Why I’m Part of the Student Leadership Network on Mental Health

Throughout my time in high school, I have learned that mental health is not a goal, object, or buzzword but rather an active practice. Taking care of your mental well-being requires self-awareness, patience, and reflection. It may sound daunting, but there are plenty of tools that can help.  

Jeff Sherrill

Thinking Inside the Box: Because Boxes Are Reality

Recalling the many times in my career that principals and peers challenged me to think outside the box, and then in turn me sharing the same advice with my student leaders, the idea of “thinking inside the box” seems counterintuitive. After all, we want our students to think about the possibilities when faced with hurdles […]

Gaining Perspective From the LEADership Community

Life is a cumulation of the moments we’ve had, with some moments more significant than others. As we accumulate experiences, our lives can transform from just one moment. My life-changing experience involves 500+ student leaders from 50+ states and U.S. territories, all in the heart of Washington, D.C. NASSP’s LEAD Conference held earlier this month […]

A Season of Giving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we spoke with Lynnette Hollis, an instructor in the Freshman Transition Academy at Delcastle High School in Wilmington, DE, about the school’s inspiring service project, the Soul to Sole Sock Drive. Hollis is also the adviser of the school club Leading Ladies Empowerment Group and the heart behind the service […]

Encourage Your NJHS Students to Apply for the Outstanding Achievement Award

Are your NJHS students living out the core pillars of the National Junior Honor Society: scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship? If so, it’s time to recognize them for their hard work and dedication. The NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) offers a remarkable opportunity for students to celebrate their accomplishments and further their educational aspirations, […]