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Jeff Sherrill

Thinking Inside the Box: Because Boxes Are Reality

Recalling the many times in my career that principals and peers challenged me to think outside the box, and then in turn me sharing the same advice with my student leaders, the idea of “thinking inside the box” seems counterintuitive. After all, we want our students to think about the possibilities when faced with hurdles […]

A Season of Giving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we spoke with Lynnette Hollis, an instructor in the Freshman Transition Academy at Delcastle High School in Wilmington, DE, about the school’s inspiring service project, the Soul to Sole Sock Drive. Hollis is also the adviser of the school club Leading Ladies Empowerment Group and the heart behind the service […]

Transforming Schools Into Communities

School leaders want students to succeed and become their best selves, within schools bursting with positivity. However, the reality is that educators are dealing with some hard challenges. Amidst a trifecta of concerns at schools around the country—student learning loss, low student engagement, and a rise in student behavior problems—how can school leaders like yourself […]

What to Look for in a Professional Development Partner 

District and building administrators have a dizzying array of professional learning options to choose from these days. It’s a big investment for any decision-maker, but an essential one. Forbes estimates $18 billion is spent each year on K–12 professional development (PD) in the United States—but that’s a national statistic. Your decision of which PD to […]

For Principals, Attitude Is Everything

“Do you like your job?” That’s a question I’ve been asked several times by students and even teachers over the course of my nine years as a secondary school principal. It’s a valid question and one that people who are contemplating their position in life probably think about more than say out loud, but it’s […]

NASSP Members’ Schools Receive National Blue Ribbon Award

Of the 353 schools that the U.S. Department of Education named National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2023, 11 are headed by school leaders who are members of NASSP. The recognition, announced in late September, is given to schools in honor of their overall academic performance or for their progress in closing achievement gaps. 

Ensuring Safety at Football Games and After-school Events

An exciting part of fall is the return of Friday night football. But tragically, many communities across the country have already been shattered by gun violence this school year on far too many Fridays. While school shootings continue to be a painfully regular occurrence, we hope that Americans refuse to become complacent in accepting this […]