As we all know, principal leadership is an essential fuel within schools that ultimately determines optimal student and school performance and success. But we also know that principals and the work they do in schools around the country are too often overlooked.

NASSP, National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), and American Federation of School Administration (AFSA) designated October as National Principals Month to ho16_npm_socialmedia_fb_v1_p2nor principals nationwide for their determined efforts to establish positive learning environments and to provide quality education to students. We are happy to say that National Principals Month is widely recognized in schools and communities around the U.S. and is marked by national and state resolutions supporting the event, as well as acknowledgements from U.S. senators, representatives, and top government officials.

So, we encourage you to celebrate National Principals Month and to promote the event inside and outside of your classrooms—with parents and the rest of your community. As we do every year, we are providing activities and resources to help you join the celebration.


Choose a National Principals Month e-card, add your message, and schedule the day and time for the card to be delivered to exemplary principals in your area. NASSP will email the card.

Student Video Contest

Students (with adult supervision) make one- to two-minute videos giving “props” to their principal—telling us why they appreciate their principal and what he or she means to them, their school, and their community.

Social Media Toolkit

Get ideas and sample social media posts to spread the word and celebrate your colleagues and successful schools during NPM.

Social Media

Share what you are doing during the month using #ThankAPrincipal.

Capitol Hill Event

On October 13, join a special live-streamed Capitol Hill event, “Revolutionizing School Leadership Under ESSA.”

Other Ideas

Ask your superintendent to plan a joint meeting between the local school board and the city council to discuss the needs of school leaders; Invite local colleges or universities to join your school in celebrating National Principals Month; Provide a weekly treat for your principal during the entire month; Donate something on campus in honor of your principal, i.e., plant or a garden.

It’s only one month away. Let’s celebrate the hard work and commitment that your principal has dedicated to improving the education and lives of your students every day. Mark your calendars to celebrate National Principals Month.

Visit to discover more activity ideas and to learn more about National Principals Month.

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