In education, we rarely achieve success on our own. In fact, as school leaders, we do our best work when we share our goals and empower those around us to get there.

So during this holiday season, and inspired by Simon Sinek and his new book Together is Better, we want to hear what you have accomplished with the help of your colleagues this year. Whether it was creating a more flexible schedule that allowed students more choice or holding a teacher-led professional development day where you learned how to better your school in ways you never before considered. We want to know what has been a success for you this year as a result of collaboration.

Using #TogetherIsBetter on Twitter, hold up this sign and take a picture with those who have helped you realize together really is better. Tweet with the hashtag and a photo, and you could win two signed copies—one for you and one for your colleague—of Together is Better filled with inspirational messages, stories, and quotes.

For more on Sinek, check out his TED Talks here.

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