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Last week, President Trump released his first budget proposal for FY 2018. In it, he called for a complete elimination of funds for Title II, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This section provides formula funding to states for the purpose of preparing, training, recruiting, and retaining high-quality teachers, principals, assistant principals, and other school leaders. While it is extremely disheartening to see President Trump turn his back on the nation’s educators, Congress still has the ability to continue funding Title II, Part A. Take a stand with NASSP and participate in our newest action alert opposing President Trump’s cuts and asking Congress to fully fund Title II, Part A at the levels authorized under ESSA.

Tell Us How You’ve Used the ESSA Toolkit

How have you utilized NASSP’s ESSA Toolkit? Let us know! Did the fact sheets help you better understand ESSA and improve your advocacy efforts? Or perhaps you introduced some of the model legislation to your state education agency. However you used it, NASSP wants to hear from you! Send us a blog post or short statement highlighting how you’ve worked with the toolkit and why others should use it too. Your contributions will serve to illustrate the impact of this resource throughout our network, website, and beyond.


Inside the Beltway

What’s Happening in Washington?

Last Thursday, President Trump released his first budget for FY 2018 and while the administration continues to finalize the details, it is clear that there are severe cuts to many education programs proposed. This includes the complete elimination of funds for Title II, Part A of ESSA. Additionally, funding would be eliminated for over 20 categorical programs, including 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Impact Aid Support Payments for Federal Property, Striving Readers, Teacher Quality Partnerships, and International Education programs. Unfortunately, the budget also calls for a $1.4 billion increase in investments that would promote public and private school choice, a worrisome prospect for many public education institutions.

Why Should Principals Care?

President Trump’s budget is detrimental to the development of our nation’s educators. Completely eliminating Title II funds would send a message that the federal government would rather turn its back on teachers and principals rather than support their efforts to help their students. Also, Trump’s continued push for school choice programs and overall lack of support for public education will have a dire impact on our future workforce and the nation’s economic competitiveness.

Many congressional representatives on both sides of the aisle are already voicing their concerns over Trump’s budget, with many saying they will not support it. NASSP is vehemently opposed to this budget, and once again asks our members to contact your congressional representatives to let them know of your opposition.


In the Press

Ways to Better Education We All Agree On, The Christian Science Monitor

With the nomination of Secretary DeVos and concerns over the policies she supports, there have been many questions about what the best ways are to improve America’s education system. While there are various differing opinions, this article has found four areas that almost everyone on the political spectrum can agree will benefit the nation’s students.

Wondering What Else Is in Trump’s First Budget?, The Washington Post

While we may have broken down the education aspects of Trump’s first budget, there are still cuts to a number of other important programs evident throughout the document. The Washington Post has compiled a summary of the budget and highlighted where large budget cuts and increases were called for.

Meeting with Secretary DeVos on Transgender Issues, U.S. News & World Report

When Secretary DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions revoked the Obama-era guidance protecting the rights of transgender students, many in the education world were upset about the complete disregard for protecting a vulnerable population. This article is a firsthand account of a parent and her transgender daughter meeting with DeVos to explain the damage caused by revoking this important guidance.


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