This Week in National Principals Month

As October continues, so do the numerous events for National Principals Month (NPM). That is why each remaining Advocacy Update in October will feature a breakdown of the upcoming events of the week so you don’t miss out on these special opportunities:

October 16–20: Shadowing Week

  • This week marks the first-ever National Principal Shadowing Week. One of the best ways for policymakers to understand the difficulties of principals is firsthand observation. This week brings together school leaders with representatives at the local, state, and federal level so they can see how their policies influence schools.

October 19 webinar: Leading the Learning: A Conversation on Culturally Responsive Leadership

  • This webinar, held from 4:00–5:00 p.m. (ET), will provide school leaders with practical strategies to lead learning in a culturally responsive way.

October 22 special online movie viewing: Mr. Connolly has ALS

  • NASSP is partnering with filmmaker Dan Habib to show a special screening of his film Connolly has ALS. The film follows 14-year principal Gene Connolly as he continues his role as principal despite his worsening condition and as he is embraced by a loving community. View the trailer and register for the event.

Each Advocacy Update will continue to bring you all of the exciting events planned for NPM, including a a briefing on Capitol Hill where principals will inform congressional staff about the importance of professional development funds. Check back here to view a livestream of the event. Register for the Capitol Hill event here.

For additional information on these and other NPM events, please visit


Inside the Beltway

What’s Happening in Washington?

Last week, the Department of Education (ED) released their proposed priorities for 11 competitive grants programs. These are now open for a 30-day comment period.

Why Should Principals Care?

NASSP already has concerns regarding the proposals. The first proposal, “Empowering Families to Choose a High-Quality Education that Meets Their Child’s Unique Needs,” is supporting private school voucher systems and could be detrimental to the public school system. NASSP will also be closely examining the priority regarding effective instruction, as there is a possibility this includes the recruitment of instructors or school leaders from other fields. NASSP’s comments will be included in a future Advocacy Update.


In the Press

Examining Dual-Language Learners in 30 States,  Migration Policy Institute

Curious to see how many dual-language learners (DLLs) are in your state? A recent study examined the 30 states with the largest DLL populations and broke them down in terms of education and several other factors. It also highlights the programs and policies each state put into place to help support DLLs.

Deportations Could Lead to an Increased Teacher Shortage, USA Today

When President Trump rescinded the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, individuals from across the country began to fear that they could face deportation if Congress didn’t agree to some sort of immigration reform. One of the occupations that will be hit hard is teaching, with 20,000 teachers currently eligible under DACA. This article examines the impact that deportation would not only play on those teachers, but on their students and schools as well.

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