Is your school looking to expand its high school computer science offerings? Carnegie Mellon’s CMU CS Academy might be the right fit for top-notch resources. An online, graphics-based computer science curriculum taught in Python and provided by Carnegie Mellon University, CMU CS Academy offers novel, world-class computer science education for the secondary classroom. And it’s entirely free.

Teachers can attend professional development sessions at no cost that are taught by the CMU CS Academy team. Educators ultimately leave these sessions ready to use the curriculum back in their own classrooms.

Our program is universally accessible and features an interactive high school computer science curriculum designed and managed with the help of Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students. The platform uses auto-graded graphics to help students identify mistakes in each exercise. In addition to the curriculum framework and training, the Academy provides an online interactive textbook, and online technical support from our undergraduate computer science students that is available 24/7.

To reduce language barriers to learning computer science, our curriculum is available in Spanish. A full team is ready to help our Spanish-speaking communities with any questions they may have!


CS1: Our CS1 curriculum is a deep dive into the fundamentals of programming concepts and covers text-based coding using Python. Available in English and Spanish, it is designed for high school classrooms and requires no prior programming experience.

CS0: CS0 is a lighter version of our CS1 curriculum. Available in English and Spanish, it is intended for middle school classrooms, out-of-school programs, and summer camps. And like CS1, no prior coding experience is necessary.

CSP: In consultation with, we have developed an alternative option for its AP CSP programming units: AP CSP (Computer Science Principles). This curriculum is for teachers who want to teach the programming units using CMU CS Academy’s Python offerings. For these units, students and teachers work from the CMU CS Academy platform and program in Python. By meeting the needs of students who lack prerequisites as well as those who have previously taken our CS1 course, our curriculum provides multiple entry points.

CS2: Currently in its second pilot year, the CS2 curriculum is for students who have taken at least some of our CS1 course. This course builds on the CS1 foundation, covering some additional programming and CS topics, and then applying and extending computational problem-solving skills in a variety of application areas. The sequencing and duration of the units are now modular, allowing teachers to customize the course to their students’ needs.

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