If you’ve ever thought it might be interesting and rewarding to serve on the NASSP Board of Directors, now is the time to apply. Nominations to the board are now open to all active members in good standing who are currently serving as principals or assistant principals.

We asked NASSP President Gregg Wieczorek about serving on the board and why other school leaders should consider it. Wieczorek, the principal of Arrowhead Union High School in Hartland, WI, is in his sixth year on the board.

I had served on our state board, and that was a great experience. When the chance to serve on the national board came up, I felt like it was a good opportunity for me to learn and grow personally but also to serve other principals around the country. Serving on the board gives you the chance to impact school leaders everywhere and help the profession.

One of the biggest things we do as board members is to influence policy and legislation. If there’s an issue we’re involved with where advocacy is needed, we as a board have an opportunity to make a difference. We help craft policies that can assist the work of principals and educators nationwide. I find that to be very beneficial and rewarding.

We’re also involved in providing training, professional development, and other opportunities for growth for principals across the country.

Another rewarding part for me is making connections with other people who I know will become lifelong friends. We come together and develop bonds and relationships as we’re meeting regularly to discuss board issues and education issues in general.

If you want to make a difference for principals all over the country, I encourage you to apply. I think the ideal candidate is a lifelong learner who likes to connect with others and advocate for the profession. It’s an amazing opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

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