As the end of the school year approaches, NASSP President Gregg Wieczorek is winding down Leading Forward: The Listening and Learning Tour. The latest tour stops, highlighted below, come from California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

Barstow High School, Barstow, CA
Dr. Frank Jimenez, Principal

Peer Counseling
Barstow’s peer counseling program enables peer counselors to offer counseling support services to their classmates. The program’s main goal is to serve as a tool for providing prevention, intervention, and referral services to students who are experiencing difficulties. The success of peer counseling is based on the premise that, compared to adults, effectively trained and motivated young people may be able to better connect with and have a positive influence on the attitudes and behaviors of their peers.

Coronado High School, Henderson, NV
Michael Piccininni, Principal

Student Art in Bathrooms
During COVID, the principal offered students the opportunity to submit designs to help decorate a restroom. The designs had to be positive since bathrooms are often a place where students who are struggling with emotional issues choose to go, so they can be alone. Once the designs were approved, the students painted their work on the bathroom stall doors. To protect the artwork from damage, the custodial staff placed plexiglass on top of all paintings.

Rio Rancho Cyber Academy, Rio Rancho, NM
Julie Arnold, Principal

Creative Scheduling
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy is a 6–12 school that enrolls 350 students. Designed for self-directed learners, Rio Rancho has a unique schedule: High school students are in the building on Mondays and Thursdays, and middle school students are there on Tuesdays and Fridays. On the days they are not in the building, students are required to engage in five to seven hours of virtual learning on their own. Wednesdays are virtual days for all students.

Amarillo High School, Amarillo, TX
Andrea Pfeifer, Principal

Art on Display
A collection of art worth $2.5 million dollars is displayed throughout the school. Donated by alumni over the years, the artwork is the centerpiece of the school and a point of pride for students and staff. When the school burned down in the 1970s, many students went back into the burning building to salvage the works. The collection has inspired many Amarillo students to choose a career in the arts.

Hurricane High School, Hurricane, UT
Darin Thomas, Principal

School Rewards
Every student receives an ID card to wear on lanyards, backpacks, or keep in their wallets. When staff members observe students engaging in positive behaviors, such as showing kindness or appreciation or taking responsibility, the students get their ID scanned, and they receive reward points. When they earn enough points, students can use them for a variety of prizes.

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Gregg Wieczorek is the president of NASSP and the principal of Arrowhead Union High School in Hartland, WI. Follow him on Twitter (@gregg_wieczorek).

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