Note: This post first appeared October 25, 2019 on the Adviser Online Community blog.

For advisers, time is a valuable resource, so it is essential that your group meetings are conducted efficiently and effectively. When you and your students begin the new school year, you assess how your meetings are conducted and see if you’re making the best use of your time.

Here are a few quick tips for running successful meetings:

  1. Identify a meeting leader. The president (or the vice president in the president’s absence) should lead each meeting. Managing the agenda and discussions gives the students experience in gaining valuable leadership skills.
  2. Set an agenda. It’s important to determine the goals of the meeting and what you hope to accomplish. The presiding officers should meet with the adviser prior to the meeting to prepare the agenda, which is then shared with the members.
  3. Have clear responsibilities. Other student officers have responsibilities during each meeting as well, such as the secretary, treasurer, committee chairs, and project chairs. It is important that students understand their duties, whether they need to prepare anything before the meeting, and if they will have a role during the meeting. 

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What advice do you have for fellow advisers about how to run an effective meeting? Comment below and visit the Adviser Online Community to share your own tips.

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