As educators, we are responsible for preparing students with the knowledge, skills, and social emotional competencies necessary to succeed in their future. However, the future is rapidly changing, and the educational gaps exposed by the pandemic mean that many high school students are not prepared for life after graduation.

In a recent report, “Educating Future-Ready Students: Policy Roadmap To Bridge Social And Emotional Learning And Career And Workforce Development,” the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), Civic, and the Coalition for Career Development Center, noted a disconnect between how students are prepared for the future and being “future ready.” The report challenges state legislatures to pass legislation supporting students’ future readiness through integrating social and emotional learning (SEL) and career and workforce development.

In response to this challenge, we developed the Emozi® High School social emotional learning curriculum. Emozi®’s online and teacher-led lessons align with the five CASEL competencies and Common Core standards, 21st Century skills, and future readiness topics around financial literacy, career or college planning, interviewing skills, and more. Educators can integrate lessons into all high school subject matter areas—including ELA, math, science, and health classes.

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The program includes online, asynchronous training, and embedded professional development for teachers. It also includes student-led activities to boost students’ leadership skills with self-confidence, public speaking, and relationship management practice. Emozi® High School teaches the SEL concepts through relatable modules and lessons such as:

  • Identity and Perspective: growth mindset, ethics, and career planning
  • Self-Management and Self-Care: stress management, healthy eating, and avoiding drugs and alcohol
  • Communication Skills: leadership skill development, cultural competency, teamwork, and collaboration
  • Relationships: conflict resolution, negotiation, positive relationships
  • Goals: goal planning, self-advocacy, job search process, and interviewing skills
  • Career, College, and Life Skills: mentoring, budgeting, and financial literacy

SEL concepts can be integrated into mixed-grade classrooms or used in single-grade subject matter classrooms, giving educators flexibility in implementing the program. The implementation is 100% online and educator-led.

Emozi® High School is available as an annual subscription model, which provides updates to the curriculum for additional content and relevant activities inspired by global events and social issues. Each lesson has editable digital worksheets that can be integrated into a current Learning Management System, used as is, or printed out if necessary. Every lesson has integrated interactive lessons, allowing educators to lead instruction via videos, flip cards, click and reveal, among other approaches.

After each lesson, there is a reflection/journaling section for each student to participate in as well as extension activities, home connection assignments, and professional development topics to extend educators’ SEL skills.

Emozi® High School is evidence-informed from decades of SEL research, the latest in neuroscience studies, and input from current secondary school educators on best practices in today’s classrooms.

Visit to learn more about how Emozi® High School can meet students’ social and emotional needs and help prepare them for the challenges of a 21st-century job market.

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Anna-Lisa Mackey, MEd, is CEO of PATHS Program LLC. She is the co-author of The Social Emotional Classroom: A New Way to Nurture Students and Understand the Brain and the host of the “Social Emotional Us” podcast.

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