Last month, NASSP released results from the NASSP Survey of America’s School Leaders and High School Students. Designed by school leaders and students, this nationally representative survey explores their opinions on the challenges of leading and learning at school as well as their thoughts on mental health, school safety, and how to better meet the needs of all learners.

Here, we highlight five posts from the last year that reflect key survey findings.

Finding #1: One out of two school leaders claim their stress level is so high they are considering a career change or retirement.

Now Is Not the Time for School Leaders to Give Up” by Scott Gengler

Finding #2: The majority of students (73%) report they are generally satisfied at their school, but there is an opportunity to involve them more in school planning and policies.

A Community Pushes for School Upgrades, Together” by Dr. Elana M. Evans and Morgan Eason

Finding #3: Three-quarters of school leaders (73%) and students (74%) report they needed help with their mental or emotional health last year.

Why Self-Care for School Leaders Is More Important Than Ever” by Dr. Karen Ritter

Finding #4: The majority of school leaders (70%) and students (51%) report they have personally been threatened or attacked, physically or verbally during the past year.

An Angry Encounter With a Parent Over Masks Left Me Shaken” by Crystal Thorpe

Finding #5: School leaders and students agree that more work needs to be done when it comes to meeting the needs of underserved students.

Celebrating Pride Month Starts With Student Voice” by Norah Laughter

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