A supportive school environment starts with strong relationships between staff, faculty, families, and students. Promoting trust and a sense of inclusion leads to successful teaching and learning. As a school leader, you’ll want to attend Ignite 2023—NASSP’s National School Leader Conference—July 12–15, in Denver, CO. The conference will offer dozens of sessions that will help you improve school climate and culture. To get you fired up, we spotlight three sessions here.

Lead from Where You Are and Recalibrate Your Culture

Jimmy Casas, CEO, J Casas and Associates, Hanover, PA

This session is for school leaders who want to unleash their potential and transform their schools. By focusing on your personal why, attendees will learn how to fuel positive change and disrupt the system in a meaningful way. The session will cover how to gain support from staff, influence the system, and change school culture. The goal is to empower school leaders to be intentional in their excellence and lead from where they are, so they can unlock their inner greatness and drive transformational change.

Restorative Justice: Strategies to Build and Sustain School Culture

James Allrich, Principal, Argyle Middle School, Silver Spring, MD

Building and strengthening relationships and community is a critical component of school culture. In this session, you’ll examine differences between punitive and restorative responses, learn about one school’s journey in implementing restorative practices, and explore methods for fostering accountability and creating a positive learning environment.

Charting a Path for Having Difficult but Productive Conversation

Terri Daniels, EdD, Principal, Folsom Middle School, Folsom, CA

Discover a research-based protocol for productive discussions that can enhance student achievement and social-emotional well-being. Learn how to apply this three-step protocol to facilitate meaningful conversations with faculty and stakeholders, even those with differing perspectives. Developed by educators, this protocol is the foundation of the Teach Different approach to guide classroom discussions. Walk away from this session with a tool to effectively engage adult learners in productive and critical conversations.

Visit ignite.nassp.org for conference details and registration.

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