From left: Penny Vess, Jennifer Castillo, Keith Wood, EdD, Meta Viers (NASSP), Sharon U. Slater, PhD, and Jay Apostol, EdD, meet during Ignite 2023.

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on students’ and school leaders’ lives? Do you want to grow as a leader? If you’re a member of NASSP or its student programs, we have exciting news for you! You have a chance to elevate your leadership journey and connect with like-minded NASSP members by applying for the NASSP Ambassador Program

What is the NASSP Ambassador Program?

The NASSP Ambassador Program elevates the voices of our selected Ambassadors through a rotating list of group projects—overseen by an NASSP staff member—twice a year. Projects celebrate different perspectives and fresh ideas and evolve based on the needs of NASSP’s membership.  

As Ambassador Anish Basappa puts it, “This is a great opportunity to meet other leaders across the nation and understand various opinions and learn others’ perspectives.” 

While Ambassadors engage in additional opportunities to expand their leadership through NASSP’s events, networks, and webinars, the program is not just about supporting individual growth but creating communities of changemakers.  

The program is an “amazing opportunity to engage with like-minded, child-centered professionals,” says Ambassador Christopher Mayes, EdD.   

Previous Ambassador groups have collaborated on innovative resource libraries for educators, contributed to a one-of-a-kind national survey of school leaders and students, helped revamp school and student leader recognition programs, developed “by advisers for advisers” guides, and much more. 

What’s New for Fall 2023 and Why Should You Apply?

The Fall 2023 Ambassador Program phase promises even more exciting opportunities for principals, assistant principals, and students and advisers in National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, National Elementary Honor Society, and National Student Council. Applications open today and close August 1. Selected Ambassadors will receive a stipend and a digital certificate for their time and efforts. 

Don’t miss this chance to join a community that’s dedicated to transforming education and empowering school leaders, advisers, and students. Apply at

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