As we enter the winter season, the safety and well-being of students and staff in our schools and districts remain paramount. But while there are extensive resources out there that address school safety, it can often be overwhelming to find and easily use this information in an organized and meaningful way. To simplify this, here are four key resources, tailored to address potential winter safety challenges, ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for all. 

The K–12 Generative AI Readiness Checklist 

Comprehensive Safety Hub: 

Recognizing each school has distinct needs, the federal government has streamlined access to practical, up-to-date safety information, aiding schools in preparing for, managing, and recovering from emergencies. This platform offers tools for school leaders to assess and enhance safety measures, connect with state-specific safety experts, and tailor safety plans to their unique requirements. also includes an array of materials such as guidelines, training programs, and informational sheets to foster a secure environment. Learn more at 

Enhancing Cybersecurity: Project Cybersafe Schools 

Ransomware attacks are spiking, and schools are often a target because of their poorly protected networks. Project Cybersafe Schools, a partnership between the federal government and Cloudflare, offers a suite of free cybersecurity solutions for public schools with fewer than 2,500 students for faster, safer Internet browsing and email security. Apply for Project Cybersafe Schools here

AI Integration Guide: A Checklist for K–12 

Jointly launched by NASSP coalition partners the Consortium for School Networking and the Council of the Great City Schools, the “K–12 Generative AI Readiness Checklist” is designed to empower schools and districts with a structured framework for responsible integration of AI technology. This comprehensive list offers a curated set of questions and considerations to ensure that AI solutions are free from bias or algorithmic discrimination, protect data privacy, and provide a clear understanding of the sources of generated information. Access the checklist here

Curbing COVID: Testing Supply Program 

This winter, the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services will distribute free COVID tests to schools and districts. Register for the COVID-19 Testing Supply Program here. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email with information on next steps, which include attending a 30-minute training on how to order test kits through the Health and Human Services’ portal. 

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