Established in April 2019, the NASSP Principal Recovery Network (PRN) is a national network of current and former school leaders who have faced gun violence tragedies. Their mission is twofold: providing immediate and long-term support to school leaders post-crisis, and advocating for national school safety enhancements, violence prevention, and recovery assistance to schools that have endured tragedy.  

Principal Michelle Kefford, far right, at the House Oversight Committee Roundtable Discussion on Gun Violence.

Recently, the PRN has been busy. Members have reached out to every school that has suffered a shooting, providing their “Guide to Recovery” and individual support. They’ve also promoted safety guidance for football games and other after-school events, and they’ve continued to work closely with federal agencies and lawmakers to inform policy decisions and the creation of new school safety and violence recovery resources.  

Highlighted below are resources and events where PRN members have lent their invaluable expertise to school and district leaders.  

CISA 2023 National Summit on K–12 School Safety and Security 

The Summit featured the latest research, resources, programs, and guidance available on a range of school safety topics and threats. 2023 sessions included master class presentations and panel discussions, as well as remarks by leaders from the government, private sector, and school safety community. The Summit was designed to foster a nationwide dialogue on school safety, as well as equip school stakeholders and personnel with resources, training, and expertise to apply in their local school settings and communities. 

Full Event Recording 

Recording of PRN member Michelle Kefford’s session on school recovery from violence 

House Oversight Committee Roundtable Discussion on Gun Violence 

In a roundtable hosted by Rep. Jamie Raskin and colleagues, the discussion centered on addressing the gun violence epidemic through policy change. PRN member and Marjory Stoneman Douglas Principal Michelle Kefford shared her experience during and after the mass shooting in Parkland, FL, offering practical solutions and reforms. 

Full Event Recording 

Principal Kefford’s opening statement begins at 42:13. 

Mass Casualty Impact and Recovery Seminar Series 

This Private Sector Preparedness Response and Recovery (PSPR2) seminar series examined how organizations can better prepare, respond, and recover from active shooter and other mass casualty events. Each 90-minute seminar includes subject matter experts sharing critical infrastructure best practices, valuable lessons, and planning resources and tools to assist with mass casualty impact and recovery.  

Full Seminar Series Recording 

Negotiating Mid to Long Term Recovery recording, featuring PRN members George Roberts and Elizabeth Brown 

Civil and Criminal Justice Processes recording, featuring PRN members Michelle Kefford and Mike Bennett 

Want to grow your leadership beyond school safety? Explore our Ignite+ series. This platform enables NASSP members to engage in conversations with education leaders such as Principal EL, Dr. Robyn Jackson, Jimmy Casas, Jen Schwanke, and Will Parker. 

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