Last week, the NASSP Principal Recovery Network (PRN) hosted their first-ever public event, speaking directly to members of Congress and their staffs at a briefing event on Capitol Hill. School leaders shared emotional stories about the tragic shootings that unfolded in their buildings. They inspired attendees as they described the heroism displayed by students, educators, and first responders on the day of the incident, as well as the resilience of their communities in the weeks, months, and years that followed.

Speaking directly to lawmakers, Frank DeAngelis, Elizabeth Brown, Greg Johnson, and Dr. George Roberts made a strong appeal for much-needed federal support to both prevent gun violence in schools and support the recovery of those that have already endured a violent tragedy. The list of legislative priorities brought before Congress at the event included a significant federal investment in school-based mental health professionals and services, implementing trauma-informed care practices in schools, and funding for Project SERV grants which provide an immediate lifeline to many schools shattered by gun violence.

The panelists also spoke to other educators, school leaders, and school safety and mental health professionals in attendance, sharing best practices for violence prevention that they learned through personal experience.

Four PRN members spoke on the panel, and 14 additional members were in attendance. In addition to hosting the briefing event, the group also conducted 41 individual meetings with senators, representatives, and their staffs to further advance their legislative agenda.

Since launching in April 2019, the PRN has primarily focused on reaching out to other principals whose schools are torn by gun violence and offering their support and guidance based on their own experiences. Working with NASSP, they plan to continue offering that support to their peers in 2020 and expanding their reach.

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